Return of the Crossover Maestro

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Return of the Crossover Maestro

Post #1 by UberTrainerMinusInfinity » Tue Jun 11, 2024 9:40 pm

Greetings, everyone. My name is UberTrainerMinusInfinity, but you can call me the Crossover Champion.
I was an expert cardmaker using Yugioh Card Maker, and when I heard of a website called "Duel Portal" that lets you duke it out with your custom cards, I was eager to sign up and join the fray using my own imagination! A mishap involving Mixels and an error in the portal's card uploading system made me briefly quit out of rage, but I came back, and with my unique ideas, I spread imagination across Duel Portal. But, it eventually shut down...(But not before I saved my custom archetypes, but when will they be back, especially....THE PIZZAIRYS?)

And many years later, I heard of this website, more notably it's ability to duel with Custom Cards just like Duel Portal. And so, I joined forth again. Since the custom cards needed artwork this time around, I recruited a wide variety of my children's TV shows, such as Letterland and Tronji, and balanced their power levels to match that of the power levels of modern decks, and duelled across the Book against many varied opponents! Remember that time I destroyed a ZEUS with Snowball from BFDI? Those were the times....

Then, I decided to upload my decks to this forum, intending to serve as both inspiration for other people to make their custom archetypes, and to provide a deck for use in the custom duel format if you couldn't think of a balanced one to build. That's when Christen57 came in, and together, he provided numerous balancing changes to help make my decks a lot smoother and balanced. Some sacrifices had to be made though, such as removing cards outright (Like my Naroom deck losing it's ace monster) gutting certain ones (We're looking at you, Olympic Mascots and TMNT) and getting rid of the main gimmick of others. (Talking Tom copied enemy Spells right back at em? Now he's a generic Link Engine those ace is Accesscode!) But sometimes the buffs were worth it! (Especially on the CODE rework, why bother tribute summoning CODE Mechanoid Dragon when you can just pop him down with another CODE monster?) Eventually, I got too carried away, and praised to Christen57 like he was my idol, asking him to change up my decks and power them up against those stronger opponents!

We were inseparable, until...HE, ARRIVED. THAT ROCKET2!!!
He pointed out with a whirlwind of insults and cyberbullying that I had exploited Christen57 like a king commanding his servants to do the dirty work for him, and in no time I was reduced to a quitter leaving the whole website in a PTSD entranced wreck...It's also why I don't tend to use my Street Shark deck anymore. There's a good reason why it's original thread is called it's new name now...

But now, it is this year. While I was busy looking at my cards in sorrow, Christen57 pointed out to me that Rocket2 had quit the forum for good. With the cyberbully out of the equation, I can now safely return to this forum, though a changed man. For one thing, Christen57, you are relieved of your duty. I will now make my own changes to my custom archetypes, and even make original ones. And for another, you may notice when dueling me that a few old friends from my Duel Portal days are back, like the Shopkins and the Scarowls, my first archetype on this website to be entirely original. So, the question I ask to you is this.....
Go fish?

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