What are some obscure rulings that you can take advantage of?

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What are some obscure rulings that you can take advantage of?

Post #1 by | Hanverid | » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:00 pm

For example, if your opponent tries to Veiler or Breakthrough a monster that leaves the field as cost (Rabbit, Lonefire, ect.), you can chain Fiendish Chain on that monster and since it negates the effects, Veiler/Breakthrough can't negate the effect since it already is negated. Then, since Fiendish only stops effects while the monster is on the field, you can use its effect and have it resolve with effect.
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Post #2 by Unorthodoxical-Princ » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:18 am

It really depends on the deck and the match up that you are in. The interaction you mention is not common and I have never seen it in a call, either here or even on DN for that matter. The only thing I can think of is a trick that I did on here. Opponent attacked with a "Utopia" monster and tried to use "Double or Nothing!". Now before he activated it, I obviously knew he had searched it so when he attacked me I used "Altergeist Kunqueri" in my hand and he activated the effect of "Number 39: Utopia" and I SEGOC my "Altergeist Kunquery" to make it not possible to activate "Double or Nothing!" Let's just say that he wasn't happy about that.

I will say one thing you should do is almost always activate effects whose activated effects would be negated if you are SEGOCing with another of your card effects to make those effects harder to negate. That actually comes up very often and many people don't understand that a negated effect =/= the effect doesn't exist, so they don't bother chaining or they think there's no advantage when there's a hidden advantage actually. Moreover, you can even make the activation condition of certain card effects moot. For example, if your opponent controls "Borreload Savage Dragon" and you conduct a SEGOC while "Necrovalley" is out after having "Altergeist Silquitious" and "Altergeist Hextia" sent to the Graveyard with "Dark Hole", if you have an "Altergeist" Trap card in the Graveyard, you can force your opponent's "Borreload Savage Dragon" to ignore the 'Altergeist Hextia" with CL1 "Altergeist Hextia" and CL2 "Altergeist Silquitious".

Another neat trick in the TCG is our ability for hand triggers to be able to SEGOC normal with other trigger effects. We don't have to stick them after the last trigger effect on the chain. In the above, chain manipulation is probably the common element here and can be used to your advantage.

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