MY most overpowered archetype

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MY most overpowered archetype

Post #1 by Neo_Fire_Sonic » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:34 am

its so oop

Just kidding, its actually pretty damned weak. This is the "06" archetype, as the name implies, its based off of Sonic. Yeah I know for some odd reason I made a "Nazo" and a few fan-made forms and forms from the old archie comics as cards, but whatever, the 06 name was just to put them under 1 archetype(except the archie cards of course, however they are simply support). Honestly these are actually old customs from YCM and were previously also on Duel Portal, another custom yugioh dueling simulator. I've modified their effects from over the years, yeah they are OLD. They shouldn't have any psct problems, other than the 3 synchros being specific as hell. Maybe they should be fusions, honestly I don't care. And yes, I have no idea what their playstyle is. You could just suicide Shadow to summon Super Shadow, since his condition is the easiest, but whatever. Just bait out the super forms, it seems to work somehow.

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