Goat Format Banlist/ No Banlist Symbols

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Goat Format Banlist/ No Banlist Symbols

Post #1 by lawtrafalgar02 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:12 pm

In the Deck Contructor Menu I'd love some extra options besides ▢ Bypass Banlist ⦿ TCG 〇 OCG in the right corner. Since you can play Goat Format on Dueling Book it would be nice to have the Goat Format Forbidden and Limited List as an option as well. Also it'd be nice if one could make the symbols on the cards (0,1,2 in the top left corner) disappear for screenshots. When sharing a goat list it feels weird to have the forbidden symbol above cards like pot of greed and I'd prefer the option of hiding the symbols all together.

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Post #2 by M112x » Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:38 am

I think the same thing

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Post #3 by xDEADCENTREx » Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:54 pm

The site and how it is coded right now from my experience seems to be a universally applied code. So to affect that you would need an entire new line for coding, and that could lead to bugs and glitches.

Further I feel it would be rather annoying to make sure all the coding properly aligns after as well.

I believe a better tool is to just have a Hyperlink, in Deck Constructor that could lead you to a Banlist, and a Cardpool of all the cards that Goat Format is allowed (Legally with applied Legal Limitations) and then go back to Dueling Book, and use the Bypass Limit method. You will have the Entire Legal Cardpool in another Tab, so you will not have issues of adding illegal cards.

Another issue is there are Variations of what Goat Format is. One such variation allows the use of Exarion Universe and Cybernetic Revolution (Cyber Dragon being a common used card).

The other variation is not allowing those cards listed above, or CRV.

The issue with the difference is theres about a 50/50 split based on past experiences of my hosting Goat Format, and I had numbers to about half the participants wishing for Exarion + CRV, however my solid answer always was NO, because Exarion gets over Scapegoat easily with piercing damages, Cyber allows spam Special Summons, and removes the skill set for playing around such moves. I find more skill with PRE than POST.

The issues above, outline the issues players may experience when they enter goat format.

Also I would like a Goat Room for Post Exarion and Cybernetic Revolution added in the event this is considered, to gauge numbers of what Goat Formats are Viable for use, and would be welcomed additions.

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