Deck Spotlight: Space Jam

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Deck Spotlight: Space Jam

Post #1 by UberTrainerMinusInfinity » Sat Jan 21, 2023 11:27 pm

Year of Origin: 1996, though this deck uses their designs from Looney Tunes: World Of Mayhem, those Space Jam event came out in 2021.
Is it real?: Yes, even though it's a subordinate of Looney Tunes.
Ace Monster: LeBron James
The Main Races: Warrior
The Main Attributes: EARTH
Extra Monsters: None
Attack: 4/5
Defence: 4/5
Strategy: 4/5
Intellect: 4/5
Luck: 4/5
Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes have challenged the evil Nerdlucks to a basketball match! But when the Nerdlucks cheat by absorbing the powers of many NBA players, the Looney Tunes are forced to acquire some outside help....
Welcome to the Space Jam! Use the unique Ball counter and pass it around your monsters to unlock their true potential. When a monster with the Ball attacks, they pass it to another monster at the end of their attack, allowing for powerful all-out attacks.
Having the Ball on your monsters allows benefits to be unlocked, such as Dunker Bugs gaining extra attack, Shooter Coyote protecting your EARTH Warrior monsters, and Dunker Tweety being able to destroy anything he attacks! Having the ball also allows Slam Dunk, a powerful negation Trap that's reusable, to be played by tributing the monster with the Ball!
The Ball can be passed in many different ways. Dunker Lola can turn a Spell effect into a helpful buff by passing the Ball, Dunker Taz can Special Summon a level 6 or lower EARTH Warrior monster from the hand, pass the Ball to it, and power himself up while doing so, and Shooter Coyote can pass the ball during either player's turn by discarding a card, providing an ATK boost if it's an EARTH Warrior. Coaching can also pass the ball to any monster it searches, powering them up in the process.
When it's time to make the slam dunk, bring out none other than LeBron James himself! He can be brought out by tributing the monster with the Ball if it was passed 2 or more times this turn, and while he has the Ball, not only does he prevent enemy effects from being activated during the Battle Phase, but he also gains the combined ATK of all level 4 or lower EARTH Warrior monsters you control, allowing for a powerful game ending attack, even more so if he's equipped with King Me, which allows him to attack every enemy monster at once with piercing!
Come On And Slam, And Welcome To The Jam! Come On And Slam is a Quick Play spell card that can pass the Ball to a monster, and banish itself if you control a level 6 or higher EARTH Warrior monster to search out And Welcome To The Jam, a Trap that powers up the monster with the ball, prevents them from being destroyed, and potentially allows them to get a free attack! Both can be brought out with Space Jam, a Field Spell card that can automatically pass the ball to any EARTH Warrior monster that is summoned.
Shooter Road Runner can discard itself to search out a level 4 or lower EARTH Warrior monster, and can be Special Summoned by Dunker Taz. His special ability is to pass the Ball to any monster you summon, including himself! Plus, if you tribute summon him using an EARTH Warrior monster, you can search out LeBron James!
As an EARTH Warrior deck, this deck has amazing synergy with many cards, such as the Heroic Champions, the War Rocks, and the Vernusylphs.
(Use a counter to represent the Ball. If the monster with the Ball leaves the field, you may target 1 monster you control: pass the Ball to that monster. If no monsters have the Ball, the targeted monster takes the Ball: place the counter on that monster.)

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