Idea against glitch problem

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Idea against glitch problem

Post #1 by M112x » Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:56 am

it can happen that a player has a glitch that does not allow him to play.
this can happen even when there are no judges online.
This system would be enough to solve the problem:
Each player will see a secret code in the corner of the screen, for example [email protected] By communicating this code to the opponent, he can cancel the match in the usual way in which the codes are entered, in this case /[email protected]
It is implied that this code is different for each player and the only player to whom that code has an effect is the opponent.

To prevent this code from being screenshotted and abused you may need to select it to make it visible (for example, black on a black background)

that code can cancel the game as i previously wrote, but can also make player start a new match but with the current games played

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Post #2 by Christen57 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:09 am

Or you can just offer a draw, or just leave the game...

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