Activated Effects and Control Change

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Activated Effects and Control Change

Post #1 by DB Head Judge » Fri Jan 05, 2024 1:24 am

Q: How does Dueling Book handle the activation of a monster with a trigger effect that activates in response to its own summon, such as S:P Little Knight, when that monster changes control during the same chain it is summoned, such as by the interaction of the effects of Triple Tactics Talent and I:P Masquerena?

A: The OCG has recently released a ruling that states that the monster effect will activate on the side of the field that it exists on at the time of activation. However, for the time being, Dueling Book has chosen to follow the stance of Tier 3 TCG events on this issue, which is that it will activate for the player that summoned the monster, regardless of the side of the field it is on at the time of activation.

Note that this ruling will apply ONLY to the TCG gameplay pools, in an effort to maintain consistency between online and in-person gameplay in the TCG. The OCG pools will follow the OCG ruling.

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