Long Time YugiOh Fan: Came looking to have fun~

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Long Time YugiOh Fan: Came looking to have fun~

Post #1 by Tquillen10 » Sun Sep 10, 2023 7:12 am

Hi Fans, long time duelists, and avid deckslingers all around!

My name's Troy, long time fan and duelist from the early 2000s (considering I owned the original Kaiba and Yugi Decks when they were first released). Most of those who don't care to use my name just call me Tquillen (much like the Key and Peele sketch, yes that one).

I'm from the United States, and joined this game to play with my lovely long time GF who also is new to this sight. Her favorite I believe is Zexal and my favorite is 5Ds mostly because I thought that dueling on fast paced motorcycles was the coolest when I was younger. Heck we just finished rewatching 5Ds and it was her first time seeing it.

Anyways, I prefer the GOAT format as its simpler and more my speed considering that's the games I've played, particularly Nightmare Troubadour on the nintendo DS, and really focuses on the playstyles that I enjoy. But don't get me wrong I do enjoy using the Synchros and XYZs at times, depending on the mood. I"m not all that really into Links and Pendulums but i'm open to learning more and how to expertly use them. I'm not one of those oldies that scoffs at the new stuff. I'm pretty welcoming.

If you see me online, don't hesitate to shoot me a message and get to know me more. I'd love to get to know this community a lot better and experience all that there is to the wonderful, and heartfelt world of Duel Monsters. If you have any tips for new members of this community and even just general duel tips i.e; how to better operate the dueling rooms, how to expertly duel as I've always had what I call the "handholding" of major games doing most of the work before (not that I don't mind how DuelingBook does it, its refreshing because I have to pay more attention to the game), and any of other helpful tips like fun deck building tips and archtypes I can pass along to my GF.

All in all, thanks for reading this far and hope to meet some of you out there in the arena! And as Yusei always says, "Lets Rev it Up!"

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Post #2 by Cromat » Sun Sep 10, 2023 9:41 am

(Girl.. Friend.. Where..!?) Welcome to hell. I have many names, but here they call me Cromat. My name is Cromat; but you can call me your majesty. I am the great watchman of this place. There are demons other than me, but you don't want to mess with them. We also have a few angels, but I won't let you mess with them. So you will understand, most of the sentences you make smell like lies, but don't worry, this community loves to pretend to believe.

THE RULES/ (are simple here);
You can never win unless you use a Meta Deck.

● THE TIPS/ (are not many);
Avoid writing long paragraphs.
* Yu-Gi-Oh! players don't read long paragraphs. (Including Judge(s), except for a few.)

● NO PROBLEM/ (Are you tired or bored to play this sh*t?);
Send a private message to one of the judges and ask them to freeze you, I'm sure some of them will happily comply with your request (of course, there will be sanctions for this later).

Just kidding, I'm not interested in you or your girlfriend.
[Postscript: Ignore the above items.]

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