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Welcome all!

Post #1 by NewArticCirno » Wed Nov 02, 2022 3:09 am

The name is NewArticCirno and I came to Duelingbook for the Goat format.
I can't really get to like some of these cards today like those "Touhou characters" that negate everything or even the "Panty & stocking" of Yugioh.

I play Goat Format for the nostalgia alone. Here is a list of things I LOVE and the stuff I really HATE about Goat format:

What I love:
Pot of greed - I sure do LOVE resolving that effect!
Metamorphosis on a Lv. 5 - There's a lot of possibilities with this one card, as I really love tribute summoning my Thunder dragons and turning them into dark balters.
Summoning BLS-EotB - Nothing is as good as banishing a light and a dark to bring out this big ol' beater.

What I DON'T love:
Panda burn decks and any other type of burn deck - I heavily dislike burn decks for the reason that they rely on effect damage, and that I can lose pretty quickly to them.
Reasoning Gate Turbo - Reasoning itself is hard to deal with 'cause you never know what's gonna summon!
Mirror Force - This activates when I want to attack with my strong monsters.
Tsukuyomi / Book of Moon Rulings - If a monster of mine that was taken by my opponent's snatch steal gets flipped face down by card effect, will it remain on the opponent's feild? What if I flip a monster special summoned by Premature Burial face down and the Premature Burial is sent to the GY, will that monster still be destroyed? Does Thousand Eyes Restrict's Battle position floodgate effect also count battle position changes by card effects?

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