All about my DB history!

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All about my DB history!

Post #1 by NaotoTachibana » Thu May 06, 2021 8:29 pm

I started playing Duelingbook a little while ago about last 2 months from now just because i wanted to make a deck for my upcoming friend's birthday present and i enjoyed it! I got the idea of making decks because of my big bro also known as Chroah Creulla Cresta. He made decks for me and the first one I've gotten is a cover of the Noble Knights deck as my first 2017 birthday present! Anyway back to the subject. It started getting the idea because i asked him if he ad heard Yu-gi-oh! before and he said he was planning to but does not know how to play and that gave me an amazing present for him! So i'm planning to teach him how to play so that is the big plan. As of right now i only know he like: Persona 4, Undernight: InBirth, and BlazBlue but i have only made the BlazBlue deck but am currently working on the Undernight: InBirth deck for his Christmas present so that's cool! That's it for now thank you much for reading have an amazing day!

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