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Introduction of a biggest newbie around

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 1:12 am
by Acerion
Hey names Ace (shortcut from Acerion) nice to meet you guys!
I am 17yo begginer from Poland who wanted to get some dueling experience before building my first deck IRL. Until today i played only with my 2 structure decks to learn the basic rules of the game and have a general idea what am i doing and how to do stuff. I hope everyone will have a good time playing with me. Sorry if game gets a little slow with me but i sometimes like to sit and think what the hell i want to do.
And now see ya around guys and lets have a great duel someday!

INB4 no this is not a troll post i relly try to be a nice person who checks the rules etc because i want to make everyone in this community feel nice around me even if i am not the best person IRL.