DuelingBook War League Match-ups

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DuelingBook War League Match-ups

Post #1 by Natalia » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:08 pm

How to start a war:

1. Create a Declaration thread in the War Registration category: viewforum.php?f=37

2. The Declaration thread must include the following:

  • Team A vs Team B
  • Deck Format: Banlist & Card Pool
  • War Format: Hearts (single)
  • Team A Roster and Team B Roster (Rosters must consist of players registered to your team)

Default Rules:

  • All the games will be MATCHES in ADVANCED UNRATED lobby with CURRENT TCG BANLIST.
  • War match-ups will be chosen randomly, by challonge bracket.
  • Every war will be a Hearts (single) war, both teams will start with 5 hearts, first team to drop 0 hearts loses the war.
  • All wars have a 7 days deadline.


Either of the following will count as cheating:

  • Using Illegal Cards: Including but not limited to using OCG or unreleased cards in a war match.
  • Coaching: Coaching is defined as conveying to a player what moves to make.

TL;DR: All wars shall follow the official DB WarBook, which may be found HERE.


Brackets are posted here: https://challonge.com/es/bzdrnh5p

All questions may be forwarded to me or Lost in Illusions via PM.

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