Unofficial Tournament Guidelines(hosts and competitors)

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Unofficial Tournament Guidelines(hosts and competitors)

Post #1 by Genexwrecker » Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:18 am

This section is for people who want to organize and host their own tournaments. There are also some teams that work together to host tournament events and run them. We greatly encourage people to host tournaments and the more tournament experience you have in unofficial tournaments is something we can look back upon when we have hiring waves for TOURNAMENT ORGANIZERS. Below are a Set list of standards We ask that you follow while in the section. Nothing below is actually a punishable offense but more of guidelines.

1.) Please be respectful to those hosting the tournaments. They are taking time out of their day to organize and run a tournament.
2.) If you require a judge from a tournament anywhere on the forum Please contact one of our tournament organizers on duelingbook that are In game judges for unrated. I Have a list here.
3.) If you have issues with users or a host please bring it to my attention.


Yang Xiao Long

4.) Please don't enter a tournament you aren't actually going to compete in it is just a mess for the host of the tournaments and was a spot for somebody else to have fun.

Below are some regulations that are punishable offenses.

1.) If you offer prizes for your tournaments but a pattern is proven that you are lying about it and tricking users.
2.) If you join tournaments with multiple accounts.
3.) Please don't lie to the tournament hosts or the other members participating it just ruins the fun for everyone.
4.) Being able to host and join tournaments is not a right if you are doing nothing but causing problems for the tournaments, people who host and/or staff The Head tournament organizers reserve the right to ban you from tournaments on the forums for a certain time period. Banned users cannot participate in tournaments hosted on the forums or post in the topics. You are still free to enter any tournaments not hosting on the forums. Please don't abuse the section.

5.) If you don't have fun that is punishable with death all who don't smile will be eliminated
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