Duelingbook Live #411 [TCG/Unlocked] | Winner: Jay-

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Duelingbook Live #411 [TCG/Unlocked] | Winner: Jay-

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Tournament Bracket: https://www.duelingbook.com/tourney?id=9775417

Signing Up:
● Read this document to see how to sign up: https://cutt.ly/nk8NRZT

Important Information:
● All games must be hosted on https://www.duelingbook.com
● All games must be hosted without a Watcher's Password.
● Contact the Tournament Organizer with any questions or concerns relating to gameplay or signing up.
● Duel with the account you signed up with.
● Results are automatically updated by DB.
● Your Message Settings must allow messages for the host and your opponent(s).

Failure in complying with the rules can result in a game loss or worse.
● 10 minutes of inactivity will result in a Game Loss. 15 minutes of inactivity will result in a Match Loss.
● All games must be hosted as a best 2 out of 3 (Match) with siding in advanced unrated.
● You must use the current TCG Forbidden & Limited List, which can be found @ https://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/.
● Deck changing between rounds is allowed.
● All duels must be hosted without a watcher's password.
● Be respectful during tournament play. Insulting, sharking, or harassing players is not allowed.
● Follow the rules of current TCG Yu-Gi-Oh! (No Custom Cards, no cheating, etc).

● The winner: 8 Pariticipants = 3 days donation & 16 Participants = 6 days donation.
● The above prize will be given out within a week.
● For immediate notifications and other tournament-related news, join our Discord Server @: https://discord.gg/vhNwePW

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