freeze appeal

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freeze appeal

Post #1 by tennisboy » Fri Dec 03, 2021 11:47 pm

Why are they not responding to my freeze appeal? And where can I see the appeals that I filed?

Renji Asuka
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Post #2 by Renji Asuka » Sat Dec 04, 2021 12:34 am

Because you're not the only one who is doing a freeze appeal.
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Post #3 by Christen57 » Sat Dec 04, 2021 2:05 am

Renji Asuka wrote:Because you're not the only one who is doing a freeze appeal.

This is most likely what he was frozen for:

Tennisboy's opponent activated the effect of their continuous spell Seven Cities of the Golden Land targeting tennisboy's set card, tennisboy activated Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon's effect as chain link 2 discarding to negate that Seven Cities of the Golden Land's effect activation, tennisboy's opponent activated Forbidden Droplet as chain link 3 sending that same Seven Cities of the Golden Land to the graveyard to negate that Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon's effect, and tennisboy activated his set Infinite Impermanence as chain link 4 (in the same column as the activated Forbidden Droplet) targeting tennisboy's opponent's monster. The chain resolves backwards, Infinite Impermanence negates both the monster and the Forbidden Droplet, and Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon successfully negates the Seven Cities of the Golden Land's effect activation.

However, tennisboy then argued that since Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon successfully negated an activation with it's own effect, it should gain 1000 ATK, but tennisboy's opponent tried to explain that Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon has to also successfully destroy whatever it negates in order to gain that 1000 ATK, and since the Seven Cities of the Golden Land was in the graveyard (due to it being sent there to pay for Forbidden Droplet's cost) at the time that it's activation got negated by that Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon's effect, nothing would actually get destroyed since you can't destroy cards that are in the graveyard or banished.

Tennisboy refused to accept this fact that his Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon wouldn't gain any ATK and proceeded to maliciously stall the game for over 10 minutes due to him not getting his way. I can't see why he wouldn't get frozen for this, nor can I see this appeal of his getting accepted if this is the case.

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