Breaking a Rule that's not listed

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Breaking a Rule that's not listed

Post #1 by Unzen_Ryutora » Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:49 pm

Got kicked by a mod earlier for advertising a rp group for this game. I checked the rules and it doesn't break any of them, ideas for what I should do? I tried asking for an alternative but the mod known as 'Lantern' who had kicked me immediately went off line without explaining to me what I had done wrong. I went and read the sites rules and have no idea what I did wrong still. I saw nothing about what I did. My rp group is using duelingbook and i figured as a way to promote others to use it i could get more people who rp to make decks, and those who play the games to rp.

If there is a way to work this out with a mod I'd be glad to do it. If I can't how do I go about reaching someone who will talk it out with me, rather than kick me, say not to do something that isn't forbidden, and then leave without answering my questions.

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Post #2 by xDEADCENTREx » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:22 pm

Using a Duel Note for anything besides Duel Conditions IS against the Terms of Using a Duel Note, so actually you did violate this rule.

If you want to stop preaching rules you clearly know nothing about, and accept your penalty, and punishment I am sure the Mods would be more than happy to help, but when you act out over it, no one wants to help you.

Please practice things besides ranting about a Penalty next time, it will save you the public embarassment.

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