The Savage Warriors Archetype

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The Savage Warriors Archetype

Post #1 by jwillie4eva » Wed Sep 25, 2019 8:40 pm

This archetype is centered around utilizing the archetype specific Equip Cards to give the monsters their effects. The Equips themselves also have their own graveyard effects, that can help further the deck towards victory. All main deck monsters, except for “Mangu The Savage Warrior” are Level 4, Earth Attribute, Beast Warriors to stop them from being searchable and abused by Reinforcement of The Army, should it be in a fully legal format. I hope you enjoy this archetype.

PSCT is shit, but otherwise, I feel like it all makes sense.

Dueling Book Deck View
Have a look!

Savage Warriors Google Docs
For the people who can't view decks, you can use this docs format. Won't be able to see the artwork though.
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