Diragoni Archetype

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Diragoni Archetype

Post #1 by KrillexHD » Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:37 pm

Alright I'm back after about a year. I made this archetype using the Duelingbook custom card maker back in Spring (I think) and I just now wanted to post the download link, so here :D

For an overall description, I made a deck revolved around flip-effect monsters because I wanted to try to make this real nice deck with actual relevant effects but stuck on flip effect monsters. The custom cards I made were mine (except I think for one of the Extra Deck monsters to counter unfair effects).
I really like how easy it is to make custom cards in Duelingbook then the one I used before, so it's just nice to post my archetype so fast then posting each picture and putting the effect because it might not be easy to read. I'll try to post past custom archetypes more often.

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