Finally made an Anime based Archetype (other than DBZ)

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Finally made an Anime based Archetype (other than DBZ)

Post #1 by CrystalMusic » Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:44 pm

Quick story as to how i discovered this anime: So i was just google searching "Anime" in google images, came across the exact same image youll see in the custom card linked below. I then saw the name of the character, Rin Kokonoe, so i did some more google searches and found that shes from a manga/anime called Kodomo no Jikan, So for the last 5 days before i made this archetype, I was binge watching Kodomo no Jikan to better understand the plot, characters and their personalities. After watching the series 5 times over i then decided: ok time to make this an archetype.

The first card i decided to make for my Kodomo no Jikan Archetype had to be Rin Kokonoe as she is the main focus of Kodomo no Jikan.

Anyways heres one of the main monster cards of my new archetype - Rin kokonoe:

Normally id hate any Anime based Archetypes because literally everyone has some anime based custom archetype, making it way to common to see in the custom cards format, but now, that i have my own (and i did a card search of the characters names in Kodomo no Jikan and found that i was the first to make Kodomo no Jikan custom cards) im willing to vs any anime based custom archetype with my Kodomo no Jikan archetype. (Warning: im still trying to figure out how to balance these cards, so its still in the testing stages)
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Post #2 by Dreams Equals Memes » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:27 am

So you made an archetype, based on lolicon...

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