Deck Spotlight: Street Sharks (Again)

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Deck Spotlight: Street Sharks (Again)

Post #1 by UberTrainerMinusInfinity » Sun Aug 20, 2023 2:30 pm

Year of Origin: 1994
Is it real?: Yes
Ace Monster: Street Shark Feeding Frenzy
The Main Races: Fish
The Main Attributes: WATER
Extra Monsters: Ritual
Attack: 5/5
Defence: 4/5
Strategy: 4/5
Intellect: 5/5
Luck: 4/5
Dr. Robert Bolton and his partner Dr. Luther Paradigm has created a device called a ''Gene Slammer'', which can turn humans or fish into aquatic hybrids by installing the missing part into them. But consumed by power, Paradigm mutated Bolton before becoming the deadly Doctor Piranoid! However, he had made a big mistake in gene slamming Bolton's four sons, turning them into the crime fighting Street Sharks! Although intially on the run, this radical shark team now stops Piranoid from gene slamming the entire power!
This deck fights! This deck bites! And it excels in battling your enemy monsters! All of the Street Sharks are immune to enemy card effects during the battle phase, allowing them to wallop your opponent unhindered! In addition, each one has a passive effect that buffs all Sharks, not just the Street Sharks, and an effect that triggers when they're summoned: Street Shark Big Slammu can recycle Shark Spell/Traps, grants your Sharks piercing, and weakens enemy monsters whenever he inflicts damage, Street Shark Jab protects your Sharks during your turn, can revive them when he's summoned, and forces the enemy to discard cards when they summon monsters with 2500 or more ATK, Street Shark Ripster can use his Leadership counters to gradually boost the ATK of your Sharks and allows them to attack regardless of effects, while Street Shark Streex can search out Shark cards and even summon them by discarding a card, and protects your Sharks from negation.
Use your Spell/Trap cards to control the tide of battle! Sharkbite can remove enemy cards, following by getting rid of either all face-up enemy Spell/Trap cards or a monster, Sharkfight can bring out a Shark from your hand/deck/GY and grants your Fishes an ATK boost, Sharkbait can recycle Shark Spell/Trap cards and revive Sharks, and Sharkstorm negates enemy effects by sending a Shark card from your hand/field to the GY.
Although the Street Sharks can fight well on their own, their trump card is playing Gene Slam to Ritual Summon Street Shark Feeding Frenzy! This Ritual monster can absorb a blow a Street Shark would take, negate effects by shuffling Sharks from your GY, and when it attacks a monster, it grants all other Sharks an extra attack! In addition, you can banish both Gene Slam and Street Shark Feeding Frenzy from your GY to bring out another Fish Ritual monster from your hand/deck/GY instantly!
After you Ritual Summon Street Shark Feeding Frenzy, you can play Street Shark Jab to bring back the monsters you tributed! However, your extra deck must be empty to use this effect.
By using Street Shark Streex to bring out Street Shark Ripster, you get a powerful 2000 ATK monster with only a single card discarded, which you can then recycle later with Sharkfight or Sharkbait. You can even overlay them to get a powerful Rank 4 Xyz monster!
Being Sharks, the Street Sharks can synergize with other Shark cards, such as Abyss Shark, Buzzsaw Shark, and Great White!

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