Infernal Dictators

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Infernal Dictators

Post #1 by Darksoul4000 » Sat Feb 04, 2023 10:16 am

Good day to everyone. Today I have decided to post another Custom archetype I worked on the last few days. I call it Infernal Dictators (This is not a build but just the cards of the archetype I made)
I decided to make it a discussion although not too many people will pay attention to read or look at it. The gimmick is petty simple, they focus on Xyz Summoning and pretty much doing combos with the Equip Spells which give them some bonuses, but also can be used to outplay the opponent's moves on the field and even OTK. As a lore they are based on demonic fire beings stuck in everlasting burning netherworld awaiting to drag someone inside. Would be glad for any of the comments below. Thank you!

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