Deck Spotlight: Gormiti

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Deck Spotlight: Gormiti

Post #1 by UberTrainerMinusInfinity » Tue Jan 31, 2023 5:52 pm

Year of Origin: 2005, but this uses the designs from Gormiti: The Lords Of Nature Return, which originated in 2008.
Is it real?: Yes
Ace Monster: Lord Of The Eclipse
The Main Races: Sea-Serpent
Extra Monsters: Pendulum, Synchro
Attack: 5/5
Defence: 4/5
Strategy: 3/5
Intellect: 5/5
Luck: 5/5
In a parallel world known as Gorm, Gormitis of five different elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Wood, lived together. For generations, the forces of fire, led by Magmion, had clashed against the elemental lords of nature in an attempt to burn the land, but the lords of nature have always prevailed. However, one day, the lords mysteriously vanished, until a lizard named Razzle, sent by the keeper of the world, discovers the next generation within four ordinary children...with the magic of the Primal Pad, they can go Gormiti and save the world once more!
The Lords of Nature return! This powerful hyper offense deck punishes long games with it's powerful monsters that get even more powerful forms with deadly effects as the game goes on! To start off, you'll need to place any Gormiti into the Pendulum Zone to represent how the Primal Pad worked: One child managed it, while the other 3 went to save the world of Gorm! You can then have them search out the base level 7 monsters that are not of their own attribute, all of which can Special Summon themselves if there is a Gormiti monster in your Pendulum Zone!
Toby, Lord of Water, destroys monsters, Jessica, Lord of Air, bounces them back to the hand, Lucas, Lord of Forest, draws you extra cards, and Nick, Lord of Earth, can flip enemy cards face-down. These effects get stronger as they evolve, which can be done with their summoning conditions or by using Neoganic Evolution.
After stopping Magmion once, the Lords Of Nature were then upgraded by the Lord Of The Eclipse, as level 9 monsters can be tribute summoned in one tribute by tributing it's level 7 base form! Each one has a powerful Quick Effect that can change the tides of battle. More notably, Jessica, Gormiti Lord Of The Raging Tornado, can bounce all other cards on the field once per duel!
Their final forms are the most difficult ones to summon, at level 11, and requiring four tributes, but boy, are they really strong! To bring them out reliably without using Neoganic Evolution, you'll need to activate Unision Of The Four Gormitic Orbs, which requires banishing the four elemental orbs in your hand, field, or GY: Orb Of The Water, Orb Of The Forest, Orb Of The Wind, and Orb Of The Earth. Each Orb is an equip spell card that can power up a Gormiti, even more so if it's of it's attribute, and can send another Orb from your deck to the GY when it's activated. Once you activate Unision Of The Four Gormitic Orbs and search out the level 11s, you have one turn to tribute summon them by tributing their level 9 form.
It's very difficult to bring out, but Lord Of The Eclipse is a game ender in itself. By tuning Razzle The Primal Lizard with the four level 11 Gormiti monsters, using Razzle's effect to treat them as level 1, you can bring out Lord Of The Eclipse, who has an insanely high ATK value and is immune to all enemy effects! Plus, when he leaves the field, he goes into your Pendulum Zone, where you can instantly win if you had summoned a total of 9 Gormiti monsters this duel by banishing 15 cards from your extra deck/GY!
Razzle The Primal Lizard is also the deck's gate to regular Pendulum Summoning, allowing you to get out a whole army of level 7 Gormitis when combined with Primal Pad, which allows you to Pendulum Summon Gormiti monsters to the main monster zones. The Supreme Eclipse Era can send Gormiti monsters from your deck to the GY or extra deck for retrieval later, or for use with Slip Rift, which has different effects based on what card you send.
The Lords Of Nature Return! If the only card you control is a Gormiti in the Pendulum Zone, you can activate this card to pay half your LP and search out three Gormiti monsters or Orb Equip Spells, staging an epic comeback!

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