Gate Guardian Support

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Gate Guardian Support

Post #1 by Prunk44 » Mon Sep 05, 2022 12:09 am

Individual cards


Made Gate Guardian support!

Lets make the games worst boss monster into something... playable

Felt like just adding a few cards could get the deck to synergize well. The field spell allows Gate guardian to be Summoned out pretty easily (assuming you can get them in GY) Which Change in the Lab does just that

It also synergizes with some old vanilla monsters allowing to link climb using Guardian of the Labyrinth primarily but if you really want Winged Guardian of the Fortress or Celtic Guardian could be splashed in. (Gets over Wind Barrier with Winged Dragon Fortress)

Not really too powerful for modern day but just something fun i felt like. and it utilizes old cards which i think is always a perk
But has support with normal monsters such as rescue rabbit and warrior Dai, Link spider ect...

Magical Labyrinth is just... bad like no salvaging it.. so i remade the card with the same name.

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