this guy got triggered from one card

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this guy got triggered from one card

Post #1 by CrystalMusic » Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:51 pm custom card duel

ok so im versing this guy in custom cards format. he plays a card that cannot be destroyed by battle. Naturally when you see a card that cant be destroyed by battle our first though is going to be: ok ill just use an effect on it to destroy it then, so that exactly what i did. I used my spell & trap searcher to add my quick play monster searcher to add my Attack Corvette which auto destroys any non-machine type it battles with but on the positive side if it does destroy a non machine-type monster with its effect my opponent gains LP equal to the destroyed monsters highest stat, and what does this guy do? has a huge hissy fit and calls me a cheater and says hes gonna report me for cheating. Oh so finding a way to defeat your monster that cant be destroyed in battle is cheating??? WTF is this guys problem??? and do you not see my attack corvette has really low atk and def? 750 atk 1250 def. that is to compensate/balance it out for its powerful effect!!! it snot like you cant negate the effect or banish, destroy or return the card with an effect!!! Jeez!!!

i HATE when people quit duels, its severely annoying to me, why join a duel if u have no intention to finish it???
I will play the way I want on DB. if you dont like my rules: kindly go find someone else to duel. But if u join me, its my rules, my way.

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Post #2 by KingofMayhem » Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:07 am

You seem to be throwing your own hissy fit. Why would you want to continue dueling someone who behaves like that? When I encounter that sort of person I usually explain the situation to them once, then if they don't accept it I leave. My life is too short to waste on immature morons.

Learn to dismiss people without engaging with them. It does wonders for your stress level. I used to get toxic with people on DB, then I grew up and realized that the goal is to have fun, and if I'm not having fun, then I'm wasting my time.

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