STYX Format New Server Come Join

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STYX Format New Server Come Join

Post #1 by FlintRodgers12 » Thu Jun 15, 2023 2:01 am

STYX format is the Simple, Timeless Yugioh eXperience!

STYX is a player-curated format that aims to give classic decks modern appeal, and modern decks a more classic power-level.
Using a custom card pool featuring no Pendulums, Links, or floodgates, STYX is Yugioh like you wish it could be!

Old decks are put into a new role!
DDD becomes a combo-control deck around Dark Contract with the Witch, the Adventure engine is a fully-functional tempo deck, and Dark World can beat down with Grapha.

A constantly-monitored cardpool!
Someone brews up a deck that unfairly tears up the meta? Expect to see some bans or limits within the week! Your favorite deck doesn't gain traction? That can be fixed!

To the victors go the spoils!
Tournaments will be held every so often, with winners getting input on new cards or archetypes to add to the format! Within reason, of course.

Check out this DDD list (the aforementioned DC-Witch control list) to see what the format's decks look like!

Convinced? Better yet, inspired? Join our Discord to get started at !

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