Emissary Mantinarchs (GOAT) Is there something here?

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Emissary Mantinarchs (GOAT) Is there something here?

Post #1 by orphanedgodzilla » Sun Jun 02, 2024 6:05 pm


The idea here is to use Emissary as a free advantage engine that unlocks useful synergies with other power cards in the deck. This is the first draft and still needs to be shaved down and cleaned up, but I was wondering if anyone had some ideas or insight.

Emissary of the Afterlife:
It has solid stats and no matter how it goes to the grave you get a free card. Bring it back with Call or Premature; get free cards. Use it for Tribute fodder; get free cards. Use the otherwise useless cards you get from it to fuel useful cards.

Sonic Duck:
Has the highest attack of any level 3. Being a Winged-Beast gives Manticore of Darkness fuel that can be reused with Dark Factory. Being a Wind monster would also allow me to play Silpheed for a more hand control route with Dustshoot and Mind Crush.

Oppressed People:
They have a solid Defense stat, as well as an Attribute that has decent synergies with other good cards like Abyss Soldier and, potentially, Water Spirit. There isn't too much more argument for this, but Abyss Soldier is probably worth it.

What's better than tributing Sangan for a Monarch? How about tributing 4 of them? And Monarchs r gud.

Manticore of Darkness:
Tributing an Emissary for this allows you to to set Manticore up by adding Sonic Duck to your hand. Add the Ducks back with Factory and keep on trucking.

Abyss Soldier:
An absolutely amazing card that I now have access to without running a water deck. Emissary grabs Oppressed People, and Sangan grabs Serpent. Worst case scenario, I can always Dark Factory a copy or two of Oppressed People back to my hand.

Order to Charge:
The idea is that it can be a less busted Gemini Spark. It is just one more way to interact with the normal stuff, but I don't know if it will make it in the final cut. I would like to hear some thoughts on this one.

Let me know what you all think. The side right now is just some potential and alternative options I saw. The Silpheed and the spells and traps are the main things I am looking at. There are other level 3 monsters you could run for different reasons. Charcoal Inpachi has 2100 Def and gives access to Spirit of Flames as well as activating the fire portion of the Element monsters effects. Giant soldier of Stone is in a similar spot with Gigantes, Rock Spirit, and the earth portion of the Element monsters effects. I'm just not sure if the Elements are worth dropping the water engine for. I'm also wondering if the deck should be ran at 42 instead of 40 as to not brick on the normal monsters. The normal monsters here are fairly solid though, so it might not matter as much.

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