trying to perfect this exodia ftk deck i made for master duel

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trying to perfect this exodia ftk deck i made for master duel

Post #1 by Armand Star » Thu Aug 25, 2022 5:01 am

no idea why MD and DB use different banlists, but that's a story for another day.
on to the deck, i aimed for perfection * , but despite my best efforts, i could not 100% eliminate the risk of the deck failing due to bad opening hands or running out of gas.

candidates for firing:
[*]trying to replace the performapal combo, since they only work together, otherwise are dead. payoff is two draws. little for the required effort. will stay until replaced by something better.
[*]also trying to replace all the dealings, as their discard has proven to be more detrimental than i originally assumed.
[*]despite reducing consistency, if i am to achieve perfection, i would like to get rid of one library. because i can only normal summon twice, one library will always be unused, aka dead.
[*]or, alternatively, i considered replacing Double Summon with Chain Summoning, but due to the link requirement, the only way to use it is along Reload, so...

candidates for hiring:
[*]Magical Citadel of Endymion, will allow me to borrow one extra book from a library.
[*]Pseudo-Space, to play an extra round of Chicken Game, or borrow an extra book from a library via the Citadel
[*]Terraforming, specially if Citadel and Pseudo-Space are hired
[*]Toon Table of Contents, grab a dupe from deck, then repeat. unsure if i should run only the tables and have the last table be a dead draw, or run one more Toon card as target so i can use the last table, though that would carry the risk of possibly dead drawing said target.
[*]Spell Power Grasp. like Toon Table, grabs a dupe from the deck, and even though it can only be done once, the card itself adds a counter to the library, so, much like with using two Toon Tables, a library gains two counters.

[*]cards (preferably spells) that search out libraries from the deck. summon or add to hand, either is fine.
[*]cards that add spells from graveyard to hand. Magical Stone Excavation is exactly the effect i'm looking for, but libraries are the only way the deck can keep up with paying discard costs. also, the deck doesn't have many spells i would be willing to discard.
[*]extradeck monsters. not very descriptive, but what i really mean is "my extradeck has 6 free slots. help me find useful fillers".

[*]due to its ftk nature, this deck is unable to run trap cards unless they can be played the same turn they are set, or activated from the hand. i have not found any such trap card that would help this deck.
[*]cannot have monsters that need to be normal summoned. i need the normal summons for the libraries.

i am aware that an exodia deck (one that uses libraries, at least) cannot ever be truly perfect and it is literally impossible to 100% avoid dead opening hands, because there's always the chance that the opening hand consists of 4 exodia pieces and a library, and then it's also possible for the next draw to be another library. but still, even if the goal is unreachable, i will reach out for it and get as close as i can.

i am also aware that i am already running combo cards that only work with other specific cards, or only work after i have already performed certain actions, but their results have been satisfactory, and so, they stay.

if you have questions about the deck, feel free to ask

once i get a recipe i am satisfied with, i'd like advice on starting a new recipe for DB. i can see it will be harder, as the banlist here seems to be harsher, and looking back at the recipe, to adapt it for DB, i have to remove 7 cards. really useful cards, but it's doable. and hey, i like a good deckbuilding challenge.

Renji Asuka
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Post #2 by Renji Asuka » Thu Aug 25, 2022 6:17 am

Just for your information. Duelingbook's banlist is based on the TCG banlist (I believe it offers the OCG list as an alternate format, but I wouldn't know as I only play TCG and Master Duel)

Master Duel has it's own banlist for it's own format.

That out of the way

Pseudo Space is a card you really need check it out here:

Next consider Golden Bamboo Sword as well as Cursed Bamboo Sword here and I'd also go with 1 Broken Bamboo Sword: These will allow you to + much easier.

Drop the Cup of Ace as you need the guarantee of drawing.

Pot of Avarice does nothing for your deck, so drop it.

Next consider White Stone of Legends, Cards of Consonance, Trade-In and Blue-Eyes White Dragon check them out here:

Alternatively, you can run a toon package instead with Toon Table of Contents + Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon with Trade-In,

Max out Wonder Wand, drop the Instant Fusion, Ready Fusion, and Double Summon they don't give you any draws also drop Xyz Change Tactics, you also don't want Card of Fate, most of the time you want to go +1.

Also consider One Day of Peace and 3 Upstart Goblins

You also have Magical Stone Excavation which can let you reuse some spells by discarding 2 spells, which would trigger off your Cursed Bamboo Sword

There is also Pot of Duality, which can let you dig 3 in your deck for any card among them

Hopefully this can point you in the right direction.

You should check to see if Life Equalizer and Magical Explosion is legal as in MD, as that can be an alternative "FTK"
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Renji Asuka
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Post #3 by Renji Asuka » Thu Aug 25, 2022 6:21 am

I also want to let you know, there is another possible FTK coming to Master Duel involving Morphtronics and Shadow Priestess of Ohm, and you might be able to make an exodia variant as well, but that is something I'm working on :P
Showing people that I'm The King of Games since September 30, 1996.

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