Help me with this non-meta deck pls

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Help me with this non-meta deck pls

Post #1 by Pacatino » Thu May 19, 2022 6:38 pm

i'm currently trying to make an unusual Charmer deck to play that is not the classic ''beatdown'' neither the Shaddoll version.
I came out with this variant with Magistus lock and Spellbook engine and beside my noobie' skills it works.

Going 1st combo is:
1 step: Play Ichirin from hand so you are protected from any Hand Trap since both Zoroa Effect MOnster and Zoroa Synchro monster are 1500 DEF
2 step: Summon Zoroa -> SS Nefarious or Ranryu/ equip Zoroa with Vahram to SS a lvl 4 Spellcaster -> Synchro Summon Zoroa and equip it with anything from Extra Deck to lock opponent.
3 step: you can eventually add any extender of your choice like Artemis

Going 2nd:
Go for Dogmatika engine and Possessed engine -> Try to end your turn with at least 2 backrows (Punishment and Parterships synergies really well). If you are lucky and got Gamaciel you can SS him -> go for Rasenryu to bounce Gamaciel -> SS Gamaciel again and clean the board

What gives me brick is the Spellbook engine but idk how to speed up the deck without it.

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