Rush Duel Deck Profile: Stall

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Rush Duel Deck Profile: Stall

Post #1 by troglyte » Tue Apr 27, 2021 8:26 pm

So I've always pitched Rush Duels as a format with simple, fast-paced, interactive and dynamic gameplay. With this stall deck, you can now spit in the face of all of that. Fortify yourself behind large defensive walls and tons of disruptive traps as your opponent's sanity erodes along with their deck.

Dark Rooker and Shocklead are your big walls. If needed, Rooker can get rid of s/t while Shocklead can get rid of monsters.

I'm also running an efficient package of fiends which synergize with much of the main deck. Royal Demon's Shout also adds some nice hand attack in the likely scenario that the opponent stocks up their hand.

Lost Cat and Spirit Shackles disrupts attacks while Trap Hole and Epic Demon's Rock disrupts summons.

Major Weaknesses:
1. Dragons, or any deck that can produce monsters with over 2600atk.
2. Maximum Summons. Every Maximum so far has protection from traps, which this deck heavily relies on.
3. Minimal Offensive Capabilities: You will never win by attacking.

Warning: Use with caution. If misused, it WILL ruin friendships.
My favorite Rush Duel Deck is Sushi Angels.

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