Your rulings brief: Shaddoll Invoked

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Your rulings brief: Shaddoll Invoked

Post #1 by | Hanverid | » Tue Mar 24, 2020 12:58 pm

Good afternoon - me again, again, again. Let's talk about the new deck that's all the hype these days.

The Shaddoll deck lends itself to building pretty sizable chains when you Fusion Summon, and adding some Invoked cards only adds to the mess. Also, Cross-Sheep is kind of like Time Thief Redoer, which makes it fun and interesting.

As usual, I'm just mentioning stuff that comes to my mind. If you have other questions, put them below. If they're sufficiently different from the stuff already listed, they'll be added.

Before we dive in, let's add the obligatory flowchart. If that looks scary and confusing (it really isn't), this mantra will serve you well:

All Trigger effects are always activated after the current chain has resolved, and before either player can activate Fast effects.

With that settled - buckle up.
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