HTML5 and using normal flash on site techy?

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HTML5 and using normal flash on site techy?

Post #1 by ! (GG) !! whatarip » Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:00 pm

hey im trying to use on normal flash and not this html5 version because it isnt the best and I'm just not used to it at all. tried everything it happened after i was running a cleaner on my computer. I use chrome as my main but its the same on all browsers for me stays on html5 format. my site settings are on ask to use flash then switched to allow even on block goes in with the html version, the site previously said right click to run flash before then it asked for login but now it just goes straight through to login ik its prob a techy question but do u guys know why this is happening to me and how to fix? using widows as well :)


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