Wrong Card in my hand

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Wrong Card in my hand

Post #1 by fungusbrain » Wed May 15, 2024 4:55 am

Hello DB

today I played a Goat Format rated match at around 11:30pm Central Time against the user GABB94
You can see the match here:


The first two games went as normal. However, on the third game, the cards in my hand were not the same cards on the field.

I attempted to play Graceful Charity from my hand and it showed up as Giant Trunade as soon as it hit the field.
Soon thereafter I attempted to set Torrential Tribute and activate it when my opponent summoned Spell Chancellor but it showed up as Swords of Revealing Light.

I have been playing Duelingnetwork and Duelingbook for 10 years and have never seen this glitch before.

Unfortunately the replay shows the correct cards so I cannot prove exactly how it came to be. After we called a draw and played the next game the cards functioned as normal.

It is done and over with and nothing came out of it however I still think it is worthy of looking into.

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