"Reset Deck," After Sideboarding, Is Not Working!

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"Reset Deck," After Sideboarding, Is Not Working!

Post #1 by Platinumeye » Mon Feb 26, 2024 5:20 pm


Now I don't know if this has been happening to others, but I went in a solo room just for the soul purpose of testing something that has not been working for weeks on my end - the "Reset Deck" button (to reset all sideboarded and main-decked cards back to their spots) hoping it would work and it still isn't.

When I click "reset deck" the cards that were sided in and out previously are still in their slots and "Reset Deck" is grayed out! Even waiting 5+ minutes exact, it remains that way - and yet during this out-of-order process, the swap cards button is still working...

Any way this or I can get this fixed? Thank you!

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