Duplicate Custom Cards

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Duplicate Custom Cards

Post #1 by Karatzu » Tue Sep 05, 2023 8:51 am

So, a little while back, out of nowhere, multiple of my custom cards got duplicated.

At first, I thought nothing of it, just a visual glitch as I seen before, but this time, they stayed.
Whenever I edit 1, the other does not edit and I have to make sure to edit BOTH since when adding the card to a deck, it adds the "original" copy, but not able to tell which one it is.

OK, not a HUGE deal, just annoying as someone who makes a lot of custom cards between my 2 accounts. The big issue is, I decided to delete a copy, but when I did; it glitched even more.

Example: I made a card named "Fearkeeper Worl" and it got duped. I deleted a copy of the card, but there's still 1 copy of it that does not exist, still taking space. So OK. The card is visually there, but is not a thing? I go to deck edit and the card is still searchable, but cannot be added since the card does not exist.

OK, can I make a new card? Yes, just not with the same name as "Fearkeeper World" exist, even tho it does not.

I can edit the glitched card, but cannot save it nor delete it as it does not exists.

So far, its just a minor, but annoying glitch (especially if I try to delete them), but a simple glitch can turn HUGE later on.

Ps. I have tried, reloading the page, changing how the searches are made, etc... But they are digital glitched copies, not visual glitch.

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