Some Kind of Malfunction

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Some Kind of Malfunction

Post #1 by Cromat » Tue May 10, 2022 6:46 pm

Hello there. 2 minutes ago this is happened.



I said, I cannot see my cards to my opponent. Also, my opponent has seen same thing as I see, by the way; they refreshed their page but not fixed, they couldn't see my cards too. After that, I called Judge for Glitch. My opponent says me that "you'll admit defeat, because I haven't anytime for spend." and I said; "are you kidding, we'll wait to Judge's came and cancel the Duel." Then they left from Duel.

Unfortunately, Duel does not display the recording properly, I just realized.
Just click of "Fast Forward" button for see what's happening during the Duel.

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