traditional unrated duel chat message leek into someone else rate duel glitch

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traditional unrated duel chat message leek into someone else rate duel glitch

Post #1 by s.nickid » Wed Nov 24, 2021 9:37 pm

Today I got a really weird glitch that happen, I hosted a duel in Traditional unrated, then it look like my opponent was AFK, and he was not AFK because I saw his name in online User disappear and it never disconnected him from my duel, and then someone claim in my privated chat that I was in a rated match, which I never play in a Rated match so everything I said in my Traditional unrated match appear in their rated match that I was not a part of, so when I look at my Replay, before selecting replay it shows the wrong user, but when I click replay and the replay start it shows the correct user this is the replay I was playing in Traditional unrated when that glitch happen. also since I can't get back does picture proof you have to get it from the Report Abuse, because I did not know to report a glitch was here so I put it in the Report abuse by mistake, since it does not happen very often. Also since I experience that glitch myself I don't know if other people, in rated got frozen or banned for AFK when they where not, and it just look like they are AFK because it glitch. I don't know if the Judge can tell the diffrence if it is a glitch, that cause a person to AFK, or they are legit AFK.

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