Solo Mode for Alt Formats

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Solo Mode for Alt Formats

Post #1 by HYPERguppi » Sun Feb 18, 2024 4:21 am

It's a pretty big ask, but basically just the subject line. It would be sweet to see development started for a Speed Duels- and/or Rush Duels-specific (or even GOAT-specific, really) Solo mode. It's sort of possible to do just in the plain Solo mode, but you can't select a skill card (which is a defining feature of Speed Duels), start with the wrong number of cards, and have to adjust the LP, among other things. Also, there should generally be an option to select an opponent deck and play as an opponent (maybe in a pass-around sort of way). Most of these features are available in EDOPro's test hand mode, so it's not a totally crazy idea.
Edit: implementing an opponent would also mean that auto-draw would actually work in Solo mode because there would be a Start/End Turn button.

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