Massively useful QoL change, but requires adaptation by playerbase

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Massively useful QoL change, but requires adaptation by playerbase

Post #1 by eyal282 » Sun Oct 02, 2022 11:46 pm

Cards will lose all of these buttons:
1. To Grave
2. To Hand
3. Banish
4. To S/T
5. Activate ( S/T )
6. To Top of Deck.
7. Mill
8. Banish top of deck

Whenever a card's button "Move" is pressed OR if a card is right clicked, EVERY location will be marked white, each place is where it should go. This doesn't work for Banish FD & To B. Deck, and those buttons will remain if applicable, but this will permanently change the game regarding speed of actions.
It's also much easier to misclick the wrong button, but misclicking the wrong zone to move the card to is harder.


I don't want to do this from the extension, because it requires adaptation. I hope you like it.

I can set up proper javascript code if you approve but you don't have time to do it.

Note: I'm not sure yet what about s&t from hand, as you need to decide if putting in S&T will set or activate a card.

Edit: Maybe two buttons: Move FU and Move FD. FU is by left clicking the card, FD is by right clicking it

These two buttons simplify a lot of things

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