Updating the Rush Duel card database

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Updating the Rush Duel card database

Post #1 by Madman101 » Mon Sep 05, 2022 1:20 am

As is written in the subject of this topic, I'm afraid the database for Rush Duel cards isn't being properly updated.

Many cards still have their original names, even though new translations have been provided (for example, through the Dawn of the Battle Royale video game), and the delay between the cards being released in real life and being uploaded to DuelingBook is getting a bit unexcusably long (as of the time of writing this topic, cards from the most recent Strongest Battle Decks have been out for almost a month now and still have not been uploaded to the site, even though the site's page on Rush Duels lists them as legal, as can be seen here).

I'd even update those things myself if I could (and I mean it), but I don't exactly have access to the site's card database.

So with this said, I ask: What's up with that? Is something wrong? Is the site gonna stop supporting the format altogether?

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